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online resources

As a personal finance blogger, I read a lot of online resources to make sure my content stays relevant and up to date.

It’s my way of ensuring that the guidance I provide on this website is as useful as it can be for my readers.

If you’re interested in reading other resources on personal finance, investing and money saving, I’ve listed some of my favourites below.

Some of these resources are blogs just like mine, some are news sources and others are online communities where you can connect with like-minded individuals. All of them will help you on your quest to achieve financial freedom.

I keep this list regularly updated, but if you want to suggest a new resource that should included, email me directly at LawyerOnAMission@gmail.com. I read every email!

Personal Finance

Mr Money Mustache – One of the original blogs on personal finance. This blog has a US focus but many of the principles can be applied wherever you are based.

Monevator – Contains useful practical guidance and includes articles on the theory and philosophy behind wealth creation. Much of the content is written by UK writers.

Banker On Fire – Coherent and informative advice on a wide range of financial subjects. A take on personal finance from someone who is personally involved in the finance industry.

Money Mentor – Helps readers attain financial literacy and equips them with the skills, knowledge and ability to understand all things money related and how the financial system works in the real world.

Sovereign Quest – A free online community to help you discover the best personal finance content on the internet.

Financial Wilderness – The Financial Wilderness is designed to be a “survival guide” aimed at those trying to work out the best way to use their money in the complex world of personal finance! It covers a mix of finance topics – from apps to manage your money better, learning about investments right through to getting the best value out of your day-to-day spending!

Personal Finance Blogs – Personal Finance Blogs is a personal finance curation website, and personal finance newsletter, dedicated to showcasing the best personal finance articles on the web.

Money Saving

Money Saving Expert – Martin Lewis’ very own money saving haven. Packed full of practical steps to help save you money every day. This website has a UK focus, but some of the tips can be applied no matter where you live.


Investopedia – To help improve your financial literacy and a glossary of any investing terminology you may not be too sure of. I use this all the time!

News Sources

Financial Times – For global business and investing news.

MarketWatch – For specific investment information.

The Times – For business news with a UK focus.